Friday, October 22, 2010

Finishing up Some Loose Ends.

I've finished this month's photo interpretation for the Digital to Textile group, and to read about the process, you can go to the blog site

I also made  another change to the large painted piece I tortured recently.  I decided it looked better in thirds, so I took the rotary cutter to it.

I'm not going to mount this on canvas the way I like to do because I would use too much fabric wrapping it around the edges. I could mount it by stitching it to the canvas front and painting the edges of the canvas, which is a technique Diana uses  and I might still do that, because I think this piece looks more like a painting then fiber.


Gerrie said...

I really like the digital to textile piece. Square it up and it could go in the 12 x 12 challenge!

And you just continue to torture the other piece! LOL

Fran├žoise said...

Yes I like your digital to textile piece very much too. But I think the tortured piece suffered enough, it looks perfect in thirds.

Judy said...

I love how you've divided your "tortured" piece! yes, it does look more like a painting. It's great Karen!
Your Digital to Textile piece is very interesting too. I had to enlarge it and spend some time looking the whole thing over. Once again, I wish I was closer to it!