Sunday, November 8, 2015


Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design was last week in Chicago, and Ted and I went to see what's going on in the glass art world today. It was a quick trip and we were able to get into VIP night thanks to my membership in Friends of Fiber Art. So here are my favorites, down and dirty, for you to enjoy.

 My favorites in the show were the glass houses

Browngrotta had several pieces from a few artist that paved the way for modern fiber art, including those below

The show was about 75% glass by my estimation. Ted was in heaven, he was able to connect with a few former teachers, fellow students, and artists he admires.

Chicago was fun as it always is. Good food, great museums, and the weather was perfect

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Losing Touch

My newest piece in the Loss Series is titled "Losing Touch".  This series is conveying my thoughts on memories of a loss, whether physical or emotional.

There are four elements to this work, each one getting a little more fragile.

Hanging it presented some challenges, although it was a piece of cake compared to this piece

The back is my usual heavily stitched and shrunk work, with the next layer consisting of netting with felted wool.

The third layer is organza with painted images, and the last, outermost layer is netting with some hand stitching

It's barely there, holding on

We started hanging it before the sun came up

And had about 15 minutes before it became too bright

now it's done, disassembled