Friday, January 22, 2016

Multi tasking

I always work better when I have a few projects going on at the same time. It puts me in my zone, which is my favorite place to be. Right now I'm stitching on some of the A View Within work, and this kind stitching is pretty mindless.

Up on my design wall is an idea for the "Loss" series, with a few samples of what I want to do right where I can see them when I glance up.

Over on the window are some x-rays a friend gave us of a family member, taken in 1958.  We are thinking about a miniseries, and when I take a break from stitching, I make some sketches,

and work on some color samples.

I work so much better when I take my time and ponder my ideas.  I'm usually not happy with work that I rush through.  I don't have any deadlines right now, so I'm just doodling along, in my happy place

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