Saturday, December 19, 2015

More Mending

Carol asked me to describe the layers, back to front, so today I photographed each layer.  I also took a more detailed shot of the magnets holding it all together.

The bottom magnets are the half inch cylindrical, then after the first six, I changed over to smaller cylindrical, trying to avoid weighing the piece down when it's hanging.

Each layer has a circle burned out of it, then that circle is reattached with some loose hand stitching.

My thinking is that it will never fit back the way it was originally.

Here the photos get a little weird, I believe because of some refraction.

While we were photographing,

we both noticed

that we liked the layers

eight (below)

and nine (below)

more than the finished layer ten.  It seems like ten is taking it one or two layers too far. With eight and nine, you can still see some depth, but ten seems a little shallow.  I think this may end up and eight layered piece.


Deborah Boschert said...

I went to a small but lovely gallery exhibit of artists books last week. This piece would have fit right in. Have you considered its connection to the book form?

Karen Rips said...

That's interesting Deborah, the small samples I like to make before making a commitment to a larger piece might work well in some sort of book form. I'll have to think about this. Thanks!

Françoise said...

Amazing! I think you're right, layer eight looks really great. Lots of depth.
I would love to see this in real life.

Joanne S said...

You have traveled so far in the years I have known you. Your new work is breathtaking. and you are so right about healing or not healing. this piece would have moved me to sobs during the time I lost my father--now, just quiet tears running down my cheek.
Do try and show the smaller work as Deborah suggests.