Sunday, December 8, 2013

Continuing a Series or Replacing What Was Sold

When Paula and I started working on our body images together, we didn't really think through what we would do if some of our artwork sold.  Since the pieces are meant to hang next to each other, we both need at least one from the same starting image.  Now that the work is starting to travel and is being offered for sale,  it's time to grapple with that issue.

My piece "Gravida" was recently acquired by "The Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection", and I have been thinking about how to come up with something to hang next to Paula's "In Utero".  I wasn't really interested in copying what I had done before, in fact I didn't even want to use the same colors. I started thinking about the meaning of the word gravida, which is pregnancy in latin.

When a woman is pregnant for the first time, she is Gravida 1, Para 0. No live births yet.  If she is pregnant with her second child, she is Gravida 2, Para 1, until she gives birth, then she becomes Gravida 2, Para 2, and so on.

So this second piece I am making to go with Paula's work will be Gravida 2, Para 1, at least right now. I've changed around the colors, and am hopefully changing the lines and hand stitching enough that it could be a companion piece to the original, but stand on it's own too.

Happy Holidays

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Françoise said...

Cute picture!
(Your work is great too, of course.)