Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Travel Journal

Keeping a stitched travel journal can be a commitment, and I try not to stress out about finishing them when I'm on the road.  I managed to at least start ten pages of this adventure, and a few of them are posted below.

We saw lots and lots of sheep in New Zealand and I don't really have one picture that captures what I what I wanted to make, so I just used my imagination on this one.  Lots of french knots for the sheep, two together for the mommy, one separate for the babies.

On the way to Mount Cook we passed lots of grassy fields like this before we ventured up to the glaciers.

These rock formations were at Milford Sound, where we took a boat cruise. The colors are from the different ores in the rocks.

Del mentioned the yellow is probably rape seed plants. We saw this growing all over New Zealand.

Usually what happens now is I go over my travel photos when I'm home and fill in the book at a slower pace.

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Del said...

Great stuff, Karen. I especially like the grasses - very effective. Don't know how you find the time to stitch while traveling. Del