Saturday, October 26, 2013

Colors and Textures

As usual, Ted takes pictures of what's going on around us, and I zoom in on color and texture I like.

These are random photos I took, I'm not even sure where they are all from

I do know the tree above was in the Wellington Botanical Gardens where we spent half a day just walking around and spending money in the gift shop.

This was at a playyard in Sydney. My hand stitching tends to be a bit regimented, not a lot of crossover involved, and I need constant reminders that I'm allowed to stitch over something I've already stitched.

These colors grabbed me.

And these colors seem to be the opposite, but I love them too.

Back at the Wellington Botanical Gardens, where there is a very large cemetery. It's very different from the cemetary we saw in Australia. It was a bit run down, some headstones were toppled over, but the horticultural staff has taken care of the grounds beautifully.

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