Saturday, December 3, 2011

Richard Diebenkorn

Another one of my favorite books is Richard Diebenkorn In New Mexico with essays by Gerald Nordland, Mark Lavatelli, and Charles Strong.

I own a few books about Diebenkorn but what captures my interest in this book is the use of line. Diebenkorn was only in New Mexico for a few years, but it seemed to be a very prolific time for him.

One of my favorite descriptions from the book is this
 "He described three ways that lines can be used, implying that successful abstractions employ all three. Lines form the outlines of shapes; lines move independently of color fields or shapes; and lines exist behind or within color fields."

Words to ponder when I'm making my art.


Terry said...

Love this. I can see why you relate to Diebenkorn. I really love his work too.

Gerrie said...

Love!! Fave artist of ours. (Mr C and I) I wish to work like this in fabric.