Saturday, December 17, 2011

Joan Snyder

I guess right now at least, my favorite artist is Joan Snyder. I own two books with her artwork in them.  The first,  Joan Snyder  by Hayden Herrera, focuses on her paintings.  In it Snyder is quoted as saying"Painting is my religion. It is the altar I go to to face myself."

Another essay by Norman Kleeblatt, from the same book says "Her structural reliance upon the grid and her gestural resistance to its constraints remains another oft-cited example of the contradictory aspects of Snyder's practice". Now, I'm the type that looks at the pictures then goes back and reads the text.  This  quote had me going back and looking at the paintings again.

It was interesting to look at these with the idea they started at some point with a grid.

The other book I own about Joan Snyder is titled Dancing With The Dark Joan Snyder Prints 1963 - 2010. by Faye Hirsch and Marilyn Symmes. In this book I learned that Snyder started out in college at Rutgers making wood cut prints, and continued making prints throughout  her life.

One of my favorite pieces by her is Resurrection, 1977, which I don't have a picture of here, but includes oil, acrylic, fabric, wallpaper, newspaper and tissue paper, gold paint, paper mache, and graphite on canvas.  Talk about collage! 

I'll leave you with this "... to get from one place to another I had to do certain kinds of work which didn't always get my message out, but I was always struggling to get it across. Over the years, I built a visual language which now allows me to say anything I need to say."


Terry said...

Thanks for introducing me to Joan Snyder. I was not familiar with her work. I can see why you feel a connection to her work. Wonderful stuff. I will look for the books.

joan said...

Thanks!! Joan Snyder

Shari said...

So excited to see the colors you are going to use in your new work! Can't wait to see the finished art! I must look into Joan Snyder! Thanks!