Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Reviews

  I am a complete and total art book whore.  I justify this with the idea that I really do study them, treasure them, and honor them.  One of my recent purchase was this treasure.
Product Details
This book has a very diverse group of artists whose medium is stitch and I found something interesting about each one of them.  I have a few favorites include Joetta Maue, whose blog I follow and Gillian Bates,,
who has these wonderful British seaside canvases she makes using reclaimed fabric and machine embroidery. Here is one of her canvases

I found out pretty quickly that she has an etsy shop, and purchased one of her canvases for a very reasonable price.
If you get a chance, check this book out, it's a real gem


Deborah Boschert said...

I recently added that book to my amazon wish list! It looks great.

Jeannie said...

Like Deborah, I added this book to my wish list. Thanks for the review. It confirmed instinct that this was a must have.