Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lynn's Spine

I realized yesterday that I had posted the same piece of art twice, which I didn't mean to do.  These two are from an MRI of my friend Lynn's spine.

Up until now I have been able to use fabric from my large stash of hand dyes and am very thankful I have them.  In the piece below, I did some discharge on hand dyed black that became a light bue gray color.  Discharging is so random with the results, but this ended up suiting my color choices perfectly.

I've posted eight of the twelve pieces I've made so far and when my tech department gets around to it, I'll add it to my side bar.  I'm thinking about getting rid of my website.  I haven't updated it in ages, and I'm not sure it's necesssary anymore,  since I can put everything on the blog side panel.  Any have any opinions on this?


Gerrie said...

I love that second piece with the discharged black. I love the randomness of discharging!!

Karoda said...

I definitely think that social media has developed so well that I question the need and expense of maintaining a dedicated website. Although I've spent countless hours trying to work with the free sites, mine never got off the ground...but between my blog, FB, and occassional twitter, I think I'm easy to find and I'm not a highly "professional" type artists either.

Judy said...

I'm also thinking about getting rid of my website, in that I don't have either the time or desire to update it. The blog is much more fun and spontaneous. I love these pieces! Somehow I managed to miss this post of yours - ARGH!!