Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Release

I have been a very bad blogger, it's been a month since my last post.  I can't really show you any new work, most of it has timed releases, but I can show you this!

I received my advance copies of our colaborative book Twelve by Twelve, The International Art Quilt Challange from Lark publishing today.  Riley helped me open it and looks fascinated by the cover.
To follow what our group is up to, go to this blog link


Brenda said...

Riley looks so cute (and so do you!)
and of course the book is beautiful!

Judy said...

Great picture of ALL of you! Congrats on the book....but I can't help but think that right now Riley is getting more of your attention! (and like Brenda said: you both look so very, very cute!)


Gerrie said...

OMG! Riley is so cute! I am still hoping mine shows up tonight.

Terry said...


I want my books!

Françoise said...

I must invite my GD over next week to help me too. ;-)

Kristin L said...

Do you think there will be a cute baby in MY box when it arrives?

Diane said...

I love the picture! And as excited as I am to see the book and you receiving it, I LOVE seeing Riley in the box too!