Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My strange vacation

Ted and I had this really awesome trip planned to Monument Valley this last weekend, we were going to fly into Phoenix, then drive 5 hours up through Flagstaff, then stay at this great hotel looking out over the valley. The weather gods intervened, though, and it snowed so hard in Flagstaff the road was closed. Our daughter and SIL live near Phoenix, so we visited with them a couple of days, then decided to go down to Tuscon to see a friend of ours and to check out the art museums there.

We ran into some terrific dust storms on the way down, so bad we had to pull off the freeway and stop while they passed.

In Tucson, we saw a wonderful exhibit at the art museum there of the de la Torre brothers They make wonderful in your face political statements out of glass.

We headed up to Jerome next to look at a lot of arts and crafts shops. Jerome is on the way to Sedona, and we could see the red rocks in the distance.

I took a few photos for my thermofax collection,

and rescheduled Monument for June.


Gerrie said...

Looks like you made lemonade from the lemons thrown at you!! From my kitchen window, I can see a very tall and bare elm tree with a nest almost at the top. It is at least two blocks away. Lately, I have seen a bird in it. I wish I had a telephoto lens to get a photo.

Fran├žoise said...

It looks like you had a good time, despite the setbacks. Love the picture of the tree. It's going to make a great screen. BTW, I saw some snow today too, but I didn't have to fly away from home in order to see it. ;-)

Judy said...

You two certainly made the most of a potential disaster! That is a favorite area of ours too! Nice pics!


Terry said...

Your great photos really communicate a sense of strangeness! Wonderful.