Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rayna day 2

Today was the second day of a 5 day class with Rayna and the pictures tell the story. This first piece was made by Pam Klebaum and she tells the story on her blog of using Elmers washable school glue gel to make this screen. I agree with Pam it has Frank Lloyd Wright overtones.
This piece below was made by my friend Florence.

I don't think Florence would mind my saying she works along quietly at her space and produces the most amazing things. When she shows up to our monthly meetings and pulls a little something out of her bag, we all hold our breath.

I'm not sure who did this, but I love the colors. It was done using masking tape on a screen.

And this piece has a bit of history. The artist's name is Sue and she lives in Santa Barbara and had a house burn down in a fire last year. She saved a piece of her old door, clamped it to the table a screened several pieces from the remains. I hope it becomes a series.

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Rayna said...

Yikes, Karen - your pix aren't showing up tonight either. Must be something wrong with Blogger.