Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rayna class

Yesterday was the first of a 5 day class with Rayna Gillman at our local quilt shop The Quilters Studio in Newbury Park. We started the morning off with gelatin prints which I have tried before but never liked.
Here's Rayna painting away on the mold I made for her. Unfortunately, I don't follow directions well, and I doubled the amount of water in the recipe, so Rayna and I had molds that cracked right away, instead of well into the day!
Here she is appling paint to the jello,

And here she is pulling the print off. I'm liking this method a lot better now that I've seen it done correctly.

Rayna is the messiest teacher I've ever taken a class with (including you Kerr) and it is really very fun to just throw the fabric around, glop paint all over and make a big mess (I'm still wearing my gloves though!)


Gerrie said...

I love what you said about Rayna! Ha! I was watching Jane Dunnewald do a Soy Wax demo and thought it was much more organic with Rayna.

Fran├žoise said...

Lucky lucky you!

Jamie Fingal said...

There is nothing like a creative mess - roll in it - embrace it - sounds like alot of fun!

Marilyn said...

Rayna's Quilting Arts DVD is pretty funny. She's fairly clean and neat when it starts and by the time the taping is over her smock is covered in paint. Never mind her hands! She is an inspiration to us all. I made a glorious mess with my grandkids today and there is going to be some very nice fabric tomorrow.

Rayna said...

I laughed out loud at this post (messiest teacher - ouch - should I be mortified?? Nah. I'm too old to worry).

I have not yet gotten up the nerve to watch myself on the QArts DVD. They had to repaint the room after I was done; no wonder they haven't invited me to do another one.