Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rayna class

On the third or fourth day of class, Rayna had us do an exercise in abstraction. She passed out a photo to each of us and we had to take a part of that photo and make something unidentifiable with it. Thes are the results I came up with (the photo is in the middle). I have grown to love abstraction and I want to take this further, making fewer and fewer lines and distorting them more. I came out of this class with a great appreciation for what Rayna does, as it's not easy to make a pleasing composition. She gave us the tools to start on this, including a fabulous list of thoughts and ideas to consider when your working on something. I'm not going to publish that, you need to take a Rayna class to find out.
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Rayna said...

I need to take my own class - LOL.