Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Making Time

My daughter Julie is an artist, using mainly pen and ink and watercolor.  Since she has a full time day job and a ten month old, she doesn't have much time to create.  Whenever she comes to visit, we try to set aside some time to make art.

She likes to start with a sketch, which she usually brings with her. We then scan the images, print them out and make a thermofax screen from them.  Once she has that, she can take the image home and make lots of prints to paint them with the watercolors.

This time we wanted to see what the image would look like on textured material.  This was a cast off piece I had tried using for something else.  It has a group of french knots on the right side which gave it even more texture.

While mommy played, grandma hugged. It's a pretty good deal.

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Fran├žoise said...

Nice prints! And cute baby too, of course.