Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sydney ll

This right here is the real reason we came to Sydney. Our son Sam has been living here for over two years now and we miss him. He's on a work visa, hoping to make this permanent. We are happy he's happy, but he's a long way from home.

He went with us exploring Bondi Beach yesterday and we ended up walking 3 miles along the coast.

It was another perfect weather day here and we were able to catch up up with each other.

Backtracking for a second, we went back to the Art Gallery of New South Wales after Brenda had teased us with it a few days ago. Look what I found in the bookshop! Ted walked around showing it to a few of the employees, and they were totally unimpressed. Oh well...

Here's another random photo I took of a cement pigeon laying by the side of a building. Looks real doesn't it. It has the words nothingness on it which seemed fitting for it's placement.

Back at the beach we ran into this beautiful old cemetery, which I made us wander around in for a while.

I don't know the history of it but loved the old, falling apart, back to earth feel. I get the feeing no one maintains these graves which is the way I think it should be.

Tomorrow we're off to New Zealand.
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Brenda Gael Smith said...

Wow! I told you I like hanging out at the gallery store and here's another good reason why!

And you can read more about the Waverley Cemetery at
http://www1.waverley.nsw.gov.au/cemetery/ and

Have a fabulous time in Giodzone (New Zealand)

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pictures!
Have a nice trip to New Zealand.

Del said...

New Zealand is the greenest place I have been - lovely landscape. I was there just about this same time of year, all those years ago, and I must warn you: it SNOWED when I was at Queenstown. Love, Del