Friday, October 18, 2013

Driving on the Other Side

Not the wrong side, the left side. We flew to Christchurch, then Nelson, at the top of the south island yesterday. This morning we drove from Nelson back to Christchurch, just to see the scenery.

It was spectacular. We were told it would be about a 5 hour drive, but after many stops,

Including the seal viewing, it took 9 hours. We are sitting in the hotel bar in Christchurch, rewarding us (me) for getting us here with any mishaps.

This was the view from the airplane. Paula and I are thinking about new pieces involving MRA's, ( viewing blood flow) and this runoff from the glaciers gave me a few ideas.

Last night in Nelson we went to an Indian restaurant recommended by our hotel. Best Indian Food ever. Perfect spices, not too hot, but enough for three glasses of water.

I have been using my sketch/stitch journal off and on to capture our trip. Here is a photo of the Sydney Opera House,

and my interpretation.

Tomorrow we are meeting 12 Kirsty and her husband for a day touring Christchurch. This means I will have met all the other 12's, sort of winning the trifecta I guess.

For some reason, our hotel seems to be in good condition, but this is the view out our 15th floor window. The devestation is amazing, but it's good to see rebuilding taking place.

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