Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's All in the Preparation

I  don't think I'm alone waiting until the last minute to prepare my artwork for an exhibition.  I have 32 pieces being sent to Chandler AZ for the Visions Gallery show and I only had sleeves on a few of them.  Not to mention labels.  Over the past few weeks I have been dyeing and and sewing furiously to get everything done.  I don't need to send them off for a few more weeks, but my daughter is due with her first baby Sept. 1st, and I was worried I would get jammed up at the end. Everything is ready to go now.

 A while back, I sold a piece that was part of the exhibit.  My piece on the left, Spinal Study l was gone and I wanted to make something else to go with Paula's.

I didn't want a copy, or even something similar so I decided to go with white on black.  I dyed this black then discharged it.  I could see immediately the lines were all wrong, so I did some serious editing.

These pictures are taken with my cell phone, since Ted's borrowed my camera for glass camp at Pilchuck.  The piece below is not pink, and I like the composition better.  I see another sleeve in my future.

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