Friday, May 17, 2013

Long time, no blog

For some reason, I just don't have much work to show right now.   The piece below was accepted into the Dinner At Eight exhibit titled "Exquisite Moments".  It's called "Fiji" and is a reminder of our trip there last year.  For more information on the exhibit, check out the website at

Last week we went to the Santa Barbara Mission, which I've been to before, but I've never really walked the grounds.

It's so classic california mission style, which I think is my favorite architectural style.

I think if I could design a house from ground up, this is what I would go for.

The colors are soft,

and everything has an aged look about it.

The grounds are well kept, but surprisingly to me, the graves are not.

Some of California's early settler families are buried here, but the

crypts and headstones seem to be crumbling. I happen to like that back to earth feeling.

Marlee brought life to the old ruins

Next week I'm going to Quilt National and will be part of a panel discussion along with Pamela Allen, Susan Shie and Kate Themel.  I'm a little nervous, I've never been much of a public speaker, but what an honor to sit on a panel with these three.


Del said...

Congrats on having "Fiji" in the exhibit. I'll see you at QN soon.

Françoise said...

I wish I could go to QN. The 2011 QN quilts are coming to France this year I think, so maybe yours will travel there too sometime.
I have nice memories of several visits to the Santa Barbara mission. Loved that place.
Congrats on Fiji being accepted!