Thursday, January 31, 2013

Change in habit

There's a lot of sketching going on with the blogs I read, and I'm sort of, timidly, jumping on that band wagon. What I'm interest in right now is trying to say what I want with a minimum amount of lines.  That can be tricky, because you can go too far.

Obviously, I didn't sketch the picture above,  it's an MRI image that I like.

I traced most of the lines on it and it's too busy and realistic for me, but I like being able to study the lines and try to figure out what I can remove.

This effort is better, but I don't like including the whole baby shape, I just want a hint of what this is.

Now this is very spare, and I may have overdone it.  There's a lot of empty space to fill in, unless I lose the line on the right and center it more.  Another thought is to use fabric with subtle shapes on it to bring back some of what I cut out.

My original intention with this was to sketch my own images then remove some of the lines, and I may still do that.  It's one of those habits that needs to be formed, someone told me that takes 21 days.  I think I can do that.

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Del said...

Lovely lines. Keep going.