Saturday, November 3, 2012


I attended the opening of  Quilt Visions 2012  at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego.  I've always liked this show, and the theme Brainstorms left the artists with lot's of room for interpretation.

In the past the show was held at the Oceanside Museum of Art, and I didn't think the new gallery would have as much space, but forty quilts were hung with no crowding at all. The sign below hangs at the entrance to the gallery. A well deserved honor for Del, due to her generous support of Visions Art Museum.

I did a quick run through of the gift shop, and there's our Twelve book. It's always fun to see it outside my own bookshelf.

Here are two of my favorite artists at the opening. On the left is Carol Coohey and you can see her piece in her website gallery under "Our Voices".  It's titled "My Breath Coming out of Your Chest", and it's really amazing.

Lisa Kijak is on the right, and her piece "Stars Motel, Chicago" is one of those pieces that draws you in to see all the little details. This was my favorite Visions to date, I thought the artwork was outstanding, and the book is well worth purchasing.

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Del said...

It was nice to see you at the Brainstorms opening. It was a lovely weekend seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I agree - it is a very good exhibit. I'll be doing docent duty in December, maybe you can come again.