Tuesday, October 16, 2012

QN Continued

In my last post, I showed you one of the quilts I entered into QN that was not chosen.  This is the second one.  It's called "Undertow" and is made in a similar method to the other piece, this time with cheesecloth stitched into the top.

After the Carol Soderlund class on True Colors, my friend Paula got carried away and went on a dyeing binge. Lucky for me that I'm her friend as I benefited with samples of everything she dyed.

Since I like discharging so much, I decided to return the favor by doing bleach samples of all the dyed samples she sent me. Actually, Paula doesn't discharge much, so this was more to my benefit.  Since I'm losing my source for black discharging to cream or white, I've decided I need to start working more with color discharging to whatever it discharges to.  I made the samples because it's not easy to predict what will happen.  For instance, Turquoise doesn't discharge at all, yet Navy turns white.

My brain is going nuts thinking about what I can put together color wise, and then when I paint bleach on it, what those areas will change into. I think there will be lots of two and three color samples in my future.

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