Monday, July 16, 2012

Santa Fe

Ted and I just came back from the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an event I've wanted to attend for a long time.  This market is a non profit organization that brings master folk artists from all over the world to sell their art.  The artists keep 90% of their sales.

The colors were amazing, there was lots of food, wine, demonstrations and dancing.

I did my best to support the artists.  The scarf below is from silk weavers in Madagascar.

This Kuba cloth was made using vegetable based dyes and is from Burkina Faso, which is near Mali.

This Retablos is from a master artist who lives in Lima, Peru.  I was really excited to see this, because we had purchased a similar piece a few years ago and it met an unfortunate end.  This is a close up of

the mirrored piece.  The link for more information about the market is


Bonnie said...

I did my part at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market also... 3 scarves from Madagascar, 1 indigo noren panel from Japan, a lacquered box from Uzbekistan, and a doll from the Kala Raksha group from India.

Gerrie said...

YUMMILICIOUS~! I would love to have been there.