Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canyon Road

I was going to write about the Jane Sauer Gallery on Canyon Road today, but Pam Holland does a much better job of it here

One of the artists at this gallery that I really liked if Gugger Petter,  in the image above.  Gugger work with newspaper so he uses a very limited color palette.  I wish you could see it better, but this image is very pixelated.

Across the street from the Sauer Gallery is the Vivo Gallery, and there were two artists work I found interesting here.  First is Ilse Bolle, who works with paper and natural materials.

The second artist was Rosemary Barile, who works with encaustic.  The gallery link is here 

This gallery is a type of co-op, owned by the artists but with a governing board.

At the Santa Fe Convention Center, we saw some Contemporary art, and one artist stood out for me.

Her name is Ja-Soon Han, I couldn't find her on the internet, but her work is called Hanji which is a traditional Korean handcraft.  Han takes craft to a whole new level with her 3-D torn and burnt edged artwork.

I was able to play around with some Korean paper while I was there, getting it wet, glueing it, stretching it, so I am in awe of what this artist is able to do.

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