Thursday, February 2, 2012

SAQA Auction

I have been working like crazy in my studio, creating new pieces for my collaboration with Paula, "A View Within", and making a small series for the Twelve by Twelve theme Metamorphosis.  I also took some time to make a 12" piece for the SAQA auction.  This is from a sample I made for a larger piece, trying to see if wool felting I used as batting would cause too much waffling of the fabric.  Turns out, when I blocked it the piece was fine.  I cut this down to size and added  little handstitching.  It's one of those pieces that's difficult to photograph properly, because of the black/white and because there is so much texture. This is not an official photo, just something quick for the blog.

For the body images series, I'm working on a fractured wrist next, and I wanted to do some shibori  for the two arm bones (radius and ulna).  This worked out really well, with some random marks left over on the side.

This will be the 15th in a series for this work, and I can't see slowing down yet.


Fran├žoise said...

This red piece is amazing! You've been so prolific.
Have a nice weekend.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

The black and white piece is smashing!