Sunday, February 12, 2012

Metamorphosis Reveal

Today is the reveal of the new Twelve by Twelve series Twenty by Twelve with the theme of Metamorphosis.  I chose to continue with my body image series A View Within by interpreting some MRI's of the hand.  I very loosely tied this in with evolution and opposable thumbs,  but I think that was just an excuse to keep creating what I'm loving right now.

Here are the rest of the images in the series.  In my blog on the Twelve site I combined all the images together on photoshop so they would be lined up, but arranged this way you can look at them close up.

I made the fingers below using paper lamination and I couldn't have planned those fingernails, when I rinsed it out, there they were.

I hand stitched everything except some previously machine stitched pieces from earlier projects. I covered it in netting before stitching to hold all the loose ends together. This way I didn't have to stitch everything down.

I thought it would be difficult working in the 12 x 20 size, since most of my work now is 36 x 48, and I did have some difficulty sizing everything, ran over the edges a few times, but once I was in the zone, it all came together really quickly.

Below are the images I started with.  I pulled about 20 images from the hundreds I had available, then narrowed it down to five based on the fabric I had.

I really enjoyed working on this series, I'm looking forward to the next challange


Marianne said...

Magnifique fabulous

Françoise said...

Wonderful work! I don't know which one I like best. They all work so well together. I think you will find a way to continue and make the next 12x12 theme fit into your own work.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Working with a new scale can be both difficult and stimulating. Looks to me that you got nice and "comfy". Love the new work.