Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Body Images, continued

I finished thes two pieces a while ago, but am just getting around to posting them.  The first one below, is titled Susan's Neck.  This is from someone I don't know personally, but her MRI of the neck was very powerful to me. It made me think of all that goes on inside our necks, and how we pay no attention when everything is running smoothly, but we are very aware when something's not right.

The image below is titled Pinned. It came from an MRI of an upper leg and knee, with a pin in the leg.  The shapes are a little skewed, just like the leg was.

I tried working on the baby ultrasounds, but I don't seem to be ready to work with them yet, so I'm back to working on adult images.  Right now I'm doing a compilation of some spines from several xrays.

We went to the Ventura County Fair with Riley yesterday.  It's so much fun to look at these events through a childs eyes. She was totally unimpressed by the animals, in fact, my daughter Julie said she would probably have just as much fun at the grocery store. I guess she's right, but we had fun taking her.

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Gerrie said...

What a cutie!! I love those two pieces. I am so impressed with your ability to turn these images into abstract art.