Wednesday, May 4, 2011

26 miles AcrossThe Sea

Actually it's only 22 miles, but Santa Catalina was awaiting for me. You know the old joke that life begins when the kids grow up and the dog dies?, well sadly Oscar the wonder dog died last week, and the kids are hopefully gone for good, so we are taking a spur of the moment trip to Catalina. I grew up in So. Cal. and I've never been here, and we got an incredible deal at the Wrigley Mansion so here we are. This is the view out one of our bedroom windows.

Apparently Calvin Coolidge slept in our room and I hope he was tall because you have to climb a ladder to get into the bed.


JB said...

What fun. I lived in So. Cal for 55 years and never made it to Catalina.
Enjoy your time away from home.

Gerrie said...

Enjoy! I see you figured out how to blog!! I will be in touch about next week.

Judy said...

Sorry about Oscar, but what a great getaway!!!