Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bob Adams Class

I just finished taking a discharge class by Bob Adams http://www.bobadamsart.com/index.html locally at the Quilters Studio in Newbury Park  http://quiltersstudio.com/.  Bob is well known for using multiple techniques in a single piece of art and below is one example of that.

This was a 5 day class that covered bleach, Formusol and Thiox in every imaginable form.  We sprayed,
pasted and painted. Then we heat set everything and got wonderful results.

I always find it interesting to see the way others work in classes.  At least one student was focused on making a work of art by the time class was over.  A few of us used the same image several times over on different types of fabric. Others had specific fabrics they wanted to work with.  I think everyone was satisfied with their results.

These were some of mine, with an image I like repeated on the right side using cotton and silk/cotton blends.  Bob's a magnificent teacher and I'm lucky enough to have take two classes with him.


Gerrie said...

Lucky you. Wonderful fabrics with one of my favorite techniques.

Françoise said...

Very nice fabrics Karen. Some could fit in a "spice" quilt, couldn't they? I met Bob a few years ago at FoQ in Birm, I liked his quilts very much.

Judy said...

Yummy results Karen!