Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ted and I were to Hawaii with our daughter and SIL for the last week and a half.  They were on vacation and I was doing research for the latest Twelve by Twelve color theme chartreuse

We stayed at the Sheraton, but spent a lot of time over at the Hilton, mostly because there were lots of interesting things to see and do there.

I wandered around snapping pictures for my research, while they snorkeled with giant turtles and dolphins.

The Hilton is a really large complex with some fabulous art displayed on the outside walls of buildings, mostly Pacific Island art.  I couldn't figure out how to photograph most of it because it was enclosed in lucite.

I took my usual close ups and line photos, good for later thermofax screens and inspiration.

We were in our hotel a few nights into the stay when the sirens went off for a tsunami warning. We were evacuated to the parking lot of a nearby shopping center where we slept in our car and on the grass traffic islands, and the sidewalk in front of stores. I forgot to bring my camera but it was an sobering sight seeing so many people sleeping out there. From where we were staying we didn't see the tsunami hit or any of the damage that night.  The next day we found out some local buildings had been destroyed.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan. After one night of some minor uncomfortableness, I can't begin to imagine to how it must feel to lose your loved ones, your homes, your possessions. To see your life wash away.

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Diane said...

I'm so glad you are all okay. And I aim pressed with your dedication to researching for the chartreuse theme.