Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lost in Life

There has been a lot going on here in the Rips household, and I haven't had the time to blog. I'll catch you up here briefly.  First, the art.  My friend Paula and I are trying out working on a series involving body images, including MRI's and ultrasounds.   Paula works very large, usually 6-8 feet and she works very quickly, considering the amount of stitching involved.  I tend to work slowly, sometimes leaving a piece of work on the design board for days, so while I'm while doodling along on the first one, I think she's working on the third one now.  This first image is what I put together based on an image of the head and neck.  In my critique group. Loris  pointed out the long blue "spine" was to centered.  Of course she was right, but I had already stitched the whole thing, so there was no way I could move it.

I ended up chopping off some of the left side.  I thought about reattaching it to the right side, but it didn't work.  I also muted the blue down a bit with paint.  The piece is ok, but I'm not really excited about it, so I started another one, this time larger, not so busy. I'm not ready to show it yet, maybe next week.  I'm not so sure why I can look at a friends work and immedietly see if something isn't right, but my own work is so hard to critique, even the obvious stuff.  I do photograph it and look at the image, and sometimes that helps, but showing it to others, whose judgement I trust really makes a difference.

Our son Sam left for Australia last night.  He's planning on being gone about a year, traveling the country, working, and hopefully traveling on to other parts of the world.  A grand adventure for him.

I hope this is the trip of a lifetime.  I hope he does not meet and fall in love with a wonderful Australian girl,  get married and live there forever.  If so, Brenda will have to become his stepmom!


Diana Parkes said...

Removing some of the left side definitely works Karen - your friend was right!

Brenda said...

Of course, if he married a Queensland girl, Kirsty would be closer. In either case, you would definitely have to come and visit!

Karen said...

Somehow I think both you and Kirsty would spoil him so he'd never want to came back. And we are hoping to visit, maybe October.

Rayna said...

I was going to suggest cropping it - what a difference! I just went through that with my crit group: they suggested cropping a piece and it got into Form not Function. This week, different piece, same suggestion. Is there a pattern here?

I agree, it is always easy to see what needs to be done with somebody else's work - but when it comes to our own - we are too close to it.

Hope Sam doesn't settle across the planet - but I do hope he has a great adventure.