Monday, August 23, 2010

Some New Work

I've been neglecting my blog, but not my work lately.  I finished 2 new pieces using the shrinking wool batting method.  The first one is called Dry Season and mounted on a piece of canvas to make the finished size 16 x 20.  I used the C. June Barnes method of stitching the layers of fabric with a wool batting, dyeing it, then washing it in hot water to shrink the wool.  It has some hand stitching in it.

This second one is called Beneath the Bridge and it's slightly larger, at 18 x 24.

I like making these, they are somewhat unpredictable, but you do have control of most of it.
On the home fronts, our son has moved back for 3 months to save up money to travel to Australia.  I'm undecided if this is good news or not, as he is leaving college 14 units shy of his BA in English, on the other hand, he is unattached, has few responsibilities and maybe this is the perfect time to travel.  He left college on a good note, making sure if he enrolls next year he doesn't lose his seniority, and the ticket has been purchased, so I guess it's a done deal.
I have been having trouble with my left heel, plantar fasciatis and now a broken heel spur, so I'm having a little minor surgery to do some repair work next Tuesday.  I will have a soft cast for a month, then hopefully I'll be back to normal.  I have lots of handstitching that is calling out to me, so this should be the time to catch up


Gerrie said...

I love these. I just bought some wool felt. I wonder if it would work for this. The colors in both of these are delicious.

Karoda said...

I echo Gerrie's opinion of these 2 pieces! They are fabulous and I wish I could run my hands over the surface.

As for your son, I say encourage him to travel...he can do those 14 hours in a semester and the travel may strengthen his degree and marketablity in the workforce!

Françoise said...

Love your new work, especially the second piece!
Hope your foot heals quickly.
See you soon. ;-)

Diane said...

Oh Karen! I love the wool batting pieces -- the shapes are so elegant and expressive, and it does invite closer inspection -- that gorgeous texture! They really are beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear about your heel -- hope it all goes smoothly! (And good mom that you are, understanding your son's decision... I see some parental lesson in here, just when you are hobbled and unable to walk, your son is taking off to travel the world... Hmmmmm!)

Brenda said...

I love the organic shape and texture of these pieces Karen.

And if your son would like to chill out at Casa da Praia for a day or two, he is most welcome. Now that my storage area is finished, you can actually get back into the guest room!

Terri Stegmiller said...

These are gorgeous Karen! I have that book and love flipping through the pages of it. Hope you foot feels better soon.

Linda Miller Designs said...

I love the new work, Karen! Feels very organic. Hope your healing is quick.