Monday, August 30, 2010


The last two weeks have been a little nuts around here.  We kept hearing a smoke alarm beeping and none of us could find it.  We have some alarms that are tied into the electrical system and some on batteries, so after a week of standing on ladders and putting our ears up to them, we finally called our contractor to check it out.  He went up in the attic thinking maybe the builders had left an old alarm up there.  No luck.  He called the electricians to find it and they disconnected all our alarms.  The beeping continued.  They went up in the attic and insisted it was beeping in a few places up there.  They called the framer, who went up in the attic and tore up all the insulation looking for it.

Well, it was finally located using my stethoscope between the bathroom and closet wall.

A large hole was cut in the wall, and there it is,

just under this pipe, which is what caused the noise to echo around so they couldn't locate it. I'm really hoping that's the only one they left sitting around.

On a happier note, my husband Ted has started his own blog, called  and he's changing the look on my blog.  I love having my own IT department


Terry said...

That is funny if you are not the person with the hidden smoke alarm, alarming away in your walls! Right after we moved in here I could hear an alarm all afternoon--checked every smoke alarm, etc. in the place and finally discovered it the was the refrigerator--door not closed tightly. I never knew that refrigerators had alarms! Hope you don't find another one.

Gerrie said...

Don't get me started on what was covered by dry wall in our home renovation in North Carolina. Our cabinet maker called the electricians the cretan and the moron. I am glad they unearthed it and that is the end of hidden aarms.