Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stressed out

I'm feeling a little on edge these days. We are leaving for Korea and Kyoto in 15 days and will be gone 2 weeks.  Our son wants to see his native country, and his friend Kenny who is half Japanese, is going along to see part of his country. This is all good and we are excited about the adventure.  To add to the fun, we are finishing up the remodel on our house.  In fact, while we are gone, they will be putting in the new flooring, so we are trying to pack up everything we can to get it out of the way.  Here are some pictures of the almost finished house.  The room below will be the new guest room.

This room is going to be a library. We hope to put in wall to wall bookshelves and a desk in the corner.

The family room is the same color as the library. 

And the kitchen is waiting for new limestone countertops, going in tomorrow.

The outside patio is not going to be finished until we get back.

And I have two projects I'm working on, one for Twelve by Twelve, , and one for Digital to Textile,, both of which are due a few weeks after I get home.  My creative space is a little challenged these days.

So I'm trying to get a running start on both of these pieces and trying to pack at the same time.  I had a great idea the other day which involved some paint and a syringe, and I only had to unpack 3 boxes to find the syringe.  Sure I could label the boxes, but what fun would that be.


Jayne said...

Karen - your kitchen is looking fabulous! I can't wait see it finished.

Gerrie said...

Wow! Beautiful colors. Is the guest room going to be done for my visit in July? LOL

Françoise said...

So, when you come back from your trip , almost everything will be nice and finished? Great!

Loris Bogue said...

Oh, Karen, you have my dream kitchen. I love white kitchens with big islands!

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Oh, your walls just sing, and I can't wait to see your limestone countertops and Ted's fused glass tiles. You and Ted have done a marvelous job choosing everything.

Diana Parkes said...

How exciting! Your renovations look great. I can just imagine the excitement of putting things back, or in new places.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Have a wonderful trip! You will have a wonderful home to come back to.

Rayna said...

Great kitchen, Karen! What a huge project. Have a wonderful adventure on your trip.
Look forward to hearing about it when you return.