Sunday, August 9, 2009


I spent the day today playing with monoprinting. I stretched a piece of plastic on my design table and started putting black mx dye on it, with a brush, a syringe, a credit card and other assorted devices. I noticed right off the bat that the dye beaded up on this plastic. I know it doesn't do that on the plexiglass, but I was committed, and I wanted a couple of large pieces so I just went with it.

I made several small samples using the linen napkins a friend gave me, because I want to overdye these and I'm not sure what colors I want to use yet. I figured with the napkins, I can play around without a big committment.

The piece in the top left picture is my favorite, I want to develop that into something. The piece in the middle left is something I had and didn't like, but figured the black would add something and I think it did. The piece on the bottom right is from a rust dye I just did and I made a few marks on it, but I will probably overdye it or maybe rust it again.
I like monoprinting but often forget about using it. Sometimes I think I should list all the ways I know to make marks on fabric, and post them on the wall!


Diana Parkes said...

Great outcomes Karen. It certainly is fun giving things a go. I agree about that list as I often re-visit a piece and re-discover parts of which I had forgotten I had done!

Karen C Schoch said...

hey Karen are you coming to the Crow Barn this fall to take a class? I will be there the last week of October doing the Shibori class. I have enjoyed keeping up with your travels and art work via your blog.