Saturday, August 15, 2009

monoprinting 2

I added a bit of color to 2 of my monoprint pieces yesterday. This first piece I scrapped some blue unto the piece with a credit card, then di a deconstructed screen print over that with a darker blue. Very subtle, perhaps a bit too subtle.

In this second piece, I did the same thing with blue and green dye, then, because the center was so dark, I screened it with some thiox to remove some of the black. When I look at it in person, I don't see much of the brown you see here.

I was thinking about these 2 pieces when I read Elizabeth Barton's blog this morning, , and as usual, she got me to reevaluating what I am doing here. I need to remind myself these are a means to an end, and I need to focus more on what the finished piece should be. I started looking at my Costa Rica pictures again, looking for something I would like to abstract.

How about this curvy root above,

Or the round fruit?, or a section of this spiky thing below?

I turned all these images into black and white, and am playing around with the saturation. Then I think I will trace some of the lines onto tracing paper to see what I come up with.


Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Yes yes yes . The photographs are a great design-partner. I love the looseness of your monoprints.

Karen C Schoch said...

You have lots of inspiration here to work with in these pictures! I was really inspired by Eliz. Barton's blog myself...