Monday, May 25, 2009

Soy Wax

I'e been seeing a lot of photos recently of Dorothy Caldwell's work (no website, just google her name )and I'm fascinated by it. She sometimes uses soywax as a resist then removes the color from black fabric. I've run up against self imposed work stoppage on my latest work and decided to take a play day and try this technique. I've worked with soy wax before and really like it, so I tore up a piece of testfabric black that I had into 8 pieces and started in. These are the results. The piece on the bottom right has been dyed, more soy wax rings added, then dyed again. The results are mixed, and I have a greater respect for her work. I'm taking a class with her in July at Quilting By the Lakes in upstate New York, this time on hand stitching, but am hoping to pick her brain a little on the other techniques she uses.
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Loris said...

Cool idea! Can't wait to see all your new work.

Marilyn said...

Does the soy wax REALLY just wash out? Today was the first time I used it and have no idea what to expect getting the wax out of the fabric.