Thursday, April 2, 2009


My peeps won't believe this, but my husband convinced me to pose nude for him. It all began with a photograpy class he is taking at the local state college for his BA degree. Inevitably, the assaignment came to photograph a nude, and the negotiations began. I'm not really a shy person, but I have a 53 year old body and other than occasional glances in the mirror, it gets ignored by me. Seeing a photo of my full self is was a shock to what my mind thinks I look like. We went through the usual cheesecake poses and I was really uncomfortable, so we talked about it, and decided I would be more comfortable doing something Icould focus on, and the next thing you know, I was dripping fabric paint on myself and then attempting to paint a piece of fabric with movement. Not an easy task. The results were ok, and he took some interesting photos (only to be seen by his anonymous classmates and teacher). I felt since I had put myself in this vulnerable position, it was only fair that he do the same. I took some photos of his backside, played with them in Picassa, and made a screen which I then printed onto the fabric I had "painted". I added a few stitches and he is going to bring it to class with him. I hope we get an A.

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Fran├žoise said...

But why did he keep his glasses on?

Karen said...

Hah! Sometimes we all need help finding things