Tuesday, January 27, 2009

With a little help from my friends

I have been studying this pain piece way to long and I'm ready to move on, but I couldn't let it go unfinished. I had some friends over the other night and asked for some help, and they all jumped right in with suggestions, all of which were helpful. One suggestion was to cut some jagged chunks out of it which I did and I really like. As I can see from looking at this picture, the upper right corner needs to be trimmed down a bit also. I added a few more pieces of the yellow (I tried chartreuse Gerry, and it didn't work for me), and I can see from this picture that I need to add some black to the yellow with the circles in it. What I am looking for from those of you who read this blog, is how do I face it. I have been reading up on irregular facings, but these jagged pieces are going to be a challange. I thought about a pillowcase facing, and that may be the answer, but does anyone have any other ideas?
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Gerrie said...

The pillowcase will not work well for this because of the color changes. I would do a zigzag edge and try not to make it too neat. I think the jagged edges really help to evoke your theme. So the green wasn't painful enough? :)

Vivien said...

I think the addition of the yellow is good. Have you considered mounting it onto a colored sheer that has a regular edge, but would showcase the ragged edges of your piece?

Quiltrobin said...

I like what you've done here. The printing is great, and it comes together with the colors and piecing to evoke the theme very well. I am having trouble seeing the focal point. My eye just can't seem to find a place to settle. This could be because I'm looking at a photo instead of the real thing, or it could be another intentional way of communicating pain. What do you think?