Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Napkin Series

Number 6 is done! I've finished the series and you can see them mounted in the second picture. I don't feel number 6 is as strong as some of the others, nd I hope it's not because I was tiring of the series.

This was a really fun experiment for me, and reinforced my love of working small.

The series is mounted on 14" canvas with black burlap wrapped around the canvas first.
I'm now working on a series I started developing in the Benn/Morgan class and it is much larger, approx 40 x 46. It's a real challange for me to work this large, but I'm really liking it. I'm spending a lot of time just studying it, trying to see if my message is getting across. I'll post a work in progress soon, but not until I feel it says something.


Gerrie said...

I think it is just as strong. You are just too close to them!! I think they look wonderful as a group. Great work.

Fran├žoise said...

They're beautiful Karen. You did a great job.

Karen C Schoch said...

I have been reading your blog more faithfully since the Benn/Morgan class at Nancy Crow - now that I have met you! I love these six napkins together. Great idea to get you working! They do work well together too. Can't wait to see how what you started at the class is progressing!

Loris said...

These came out beautiful! My favorite is the center bottom...but I like the top right for color. Can't wait to see them in person. Your textures can't be captured in film.