Saturday, August 16, 2008

Linen napkins continued

I have 6 linen napkins given to me by my friend Shari and I screenprinted all of them as seen on a previous blog. I'm now trying to create a series using these. The first one was showcased in the last blog, and below you see it on the left with the second in the series next to it.
This is a close up of the second one below. I took a piece of brighter blue fabric and pleated it then stitched it down for the upper right corner. This ended up bieng to bright of a blue for this piece, so I got out my Stewart Gill paints and toned it down a bit with brown, then light blue added back in. I wanted to continue along the same lines as the first one, but add little changes. The third one is moving along, and it continues with some changes, but in the same vein as these. It's fun working in a little series like this, no pressure, and the pieces are small enough they can be worked on easily. I'm going to finish all six and see where they take me. Some friends suggested mounting them together as one piece, and that could be interesting, provided I could get them to flow together. I'v also thought of mounting them on canvas as individual pieces, set off by a backing.
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Gerrie said...

I think you should try them together first. I love the various surfaces. It would be fun to play with the arrangement.