Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yesterday it was so cold here that I felt the need to make soup (O.K. cold is a relative term since it was about 60, and I know you in the midwest and east are laughing your asses off) I had seen some soup recipes in this months O magazine and stopped off at the store to get the ingredients. By the time I got home I had lost interest, but this morning I was determined to crank these out (before it reached 80 degrees outside). I made butternut squash soup - I added curry to it, potato soup and tonight I will make shrimp bisque. The first 2 were delicious, and I labeled and froze them, and I'm looking forward to the bisque.
All this cooking has kept me out of my studio, but I think I needed a break since I have been thinking or doing fiber art nonstop for several days. I'm thinking about some things I want to try in screenprinting so this afternoon I'm going to mix up the soda water, urea water etc and get started with the screens.

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