Thursday, September 20, 2007

After the Fire

I'm working on another piece in the Aspen series, and this one is for a different venue. I belong to a group, Quilts On The Wall, and we have a challenge to make something that says "Beauty In Imperfection". I have been putting it off because of the Aspen series but I knew I wanted to do something involving nature, and when I finished the last piece I felt like I wasn't done yet so I thought about forest fires and realized that was the quilt I wanted to make for this. I layered several pieces of shears, stitched them down and then burned them. I then added a few bits of hand stitching and now I'm trying to figure out a background. The other pieces in the series were mounted on canvas, but since this piece will probably travel to quilt venues, I can't do that. This is the piece below

And this is a close-up of some of the handstitching. I'm not sure of the blue background, I may do a green one instead.

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