Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jeanne Beck

In my links pages, I include a link to Jeanne Beck. Jeanne is a fiber artist that I was fortunate to take a class from earlier this year at Pro Chem in Rhode Island. She is an excellent teacher and I think everyone in the class would agree that we came away with a lot more than new technical skills. Jeanne threw herself into our experiences and went out of her way to appreciate what we wanted to do with our art. She did not try to impose her art on us, rather she encouraged us to try things that would complement what we were already doing. She introduced me to scrim, and using cheesecloth soaked in diluted fabric paint and left to dry in the sun. She taught us how to paint on fusable interfacing, then tear it up and use it as a starting point for our work. She really got me hooked on hand stitching. If your ever able to see her work or attend a class, I think you should jump at the chance

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