Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Continuing On

I'm starting to plan out a new piece in this series about loss, and this time I'm actually thinking about the hanging and display options before I become too deeply committed to it.

This piece will probably end up being  40 inches wide by maybe 60 inches long, and it will consist of 4 layers. The furthest back will be my usual textured work, the next one in will be netting with some felted shapes on it, then the third layer will be organza with the repeating image on it, and last will be another piece of netting with some hand stitching.

The sample I made is 5 inches by about 9 inches.  My idea is to have these layers hang about 4 inches  apart, with the back layer against the wall.  since it will be  40 inches wide, I need to figure out what kind of unobtrusive hanging device would support that.

I cut some foam 4 inches long and attached the layers to see if that width apart worked for me.  I like the space in between, but I think the netting may cling to the other pieces.  I could probably solve that problem with some small magnets at the bottom of the piece.

Next, I cut some foam trying to figure out how to attach the piece to the wall and have it come out 12 inches to support the layers.  I thought about curtain rods, but I would really like to do this with acrylic so the hanging system doesn't distract from the work.

I love this kind of problem solving.

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Olga Norris said...

It all sounds exciting and intriguing. I am completely in agreement about problem solving being great. Your arrangement reminds me of a puppet theatre studio I used to visit many years ago, with all the hanging from angled wood.