Saturday, February 7, 2015

India and Sri Lanka part 2

The last of my people pictures.  Ted and I were two of only four non Indians to attend this Pongal Festival in a small village in Tamil Nadu.  Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated on January 14th each year

There is a parade led by an oxen, with lots of dancing.

Even the local police let me take their picture.

Around 200 women were lined up in two long rows on the street, boiling milk in these pots, allowing it to boil over, then adding rice, vegetables and sugar cane.

The women seemed genuinely happy to see us and encouraged us to take part, stirring pots and shaking hands.

Our guide told us Indians tend to want to look somber for photos, smiling afterward

They loved posing in family groups

The dots are placed on her face to ward off the "evil eye"

kayaking on the river in front of a houseboat. Probably going to market

washing her dishes in the river

Muslim school girls

A contrast between young and old

Muslim men.  In a few days (If I ever get over this jet lag) I'll post a few more pictures

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