Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Detail

Deborah asked for more details about the "Letting Go" piece that's in the World of Threads Festival next month.

This is the piece again.  It is large for me,  60" tall, by 36" wide.

 In the detail, you can see the background is a dark teal blue, which is hand dyed organza stitched to wool and shrunk using hot water. On top is what started out as one piece of white cotton sateen, dyed black, then marked with soy wax before being bleached.  I cut this up and stitched it all down to the organza layer, and added lots and lots of french knots.  These knots get denser as you move to the top of the piece, which represent myelination, the breakdown of myelin on nerves, which is characteristic of Alzheimer's.

On another note,  I didn't get into QN this time around :( , but that means I can show you my entries, which I will do in a couple of days.  I hope every one who got in is able to go to the opening weekend, it's such a wonderful celebration.  I'm taking a Carol Soderlund class at the Crow Barn the following week, so I am hoping to see the show that weekend, and look forward to meeting all the artists there.

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Françoise said...

Thanks for the details.
Too bad for QN, but I'm looking forward to seeing the pieces soon.