Thursday, September 4, 2014

Patchwork Professional

Some of the good publicity to come out of my solo show at Art Quilt Gallery New York  was the attention it got from Dorothee Crane, the publisher of Patchwork Professional

This is a German magazine, published quarterly.

I was surprised to see the length of the article, I had only expected one or two pages.

Originally Dorothee wanted to focus on my travel journals, seen below,

but she ended up publishing pieces from my current work with "A View Within", from my texture series, and from the "Twelve by Twelve" challenge.

It's pretty cool to see my work in such a beautiful magazine.

Patchwork Professional


Marianne said...

It's a very good magazine.Félicitations

Françoise said...

Congratulations! You're a star.
I hope I can find the magazine, maybe in Alsace.

Terri Stegmiller said...

Wow, that is so great Karen! Congrats, the article looks fantastic.

Del said...

Hurrah for Karen! Your work looks great in the pictures, I wish I could see the actual magazine. If you find out where it might be available, please let us know. Congratulations on such great coverage. Love, Del